Private Label & Wholesale FBA Prep


As successful private label brand owners, we know what needs to be done in order to get your product ready for FBA and be totally compliant.


We also know that importing from China and overseas, comes with calculated risk. A lot of overseas manufacturers do not have the same high standards we have here in the UK & Europe when it comes to packaging. That's why we always recommend using an inspection service on home soil.


Sending your product and packaging separately can also be a great money saver as flatpack packaging takes up a lot less space. This will reduce your shipment volume and, in turn, drastically reduce your freight cost. Your packaging will be assembled to the highest standards in the UK. 



We work with a mentality that time is money and the longer your products are being held up in prep, the more sales you are missing out on. That's why we work to have every shipment fully inspected, prepared and inbound to Amazon's FBA warehouse within 24hrs of us receiving your goods.*



As well as our standard, frequently used services, we can accommodate any custom services you require, just send us a message!


Our prices are based on shipments of up to 500 units. For any shipment above this please contact us for volume discounts.

Standard carton and FBA box forwarding drip feed service available, please contact for pricing.


VIP Shipment Management 

Want the full VIP package?
We will fully manage your FBA inbound shipments via your Seller Central account. So you all you have to do is send us the goods and sit back and watch the sales come rolling in. You'll also benefit from 50% off 30day+ storage fees.


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